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Monarch Plank

At Monarch Plank our mission is to create premier quality wide plank hardwood flooring, leveraging the most sophisticated modern finishing techniques that enhance, rather than cover over, the natural beauty of European Oak, Walnut and Hickory engineered floors.

We choose to source only the highest quality woods and build our floors to the strictest standards. This unwavering commitment to quality results in what we believe to be the finest hardwood flooring available. Monarch Plank flooring is offered in a wide range of distinct sizes and finishes that are appropriate for residential and commercial use. 

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Mulligan Flooring

From forest floor to finished product, Mullican is there, for life

IndusParquet Hardwood flooring is well known in Brazil and overseas for its products excellence and its use for varied projects and rooms. The company shows a strong environmental concern, so it is easy to understand why it is a world-wide market leader in Tropical hardwood flooring business.
Mullican Flooring
Mullican Flooring has combined old world craftsmanship with today's modern finishing techniques to bring you vintage style that resonates with elegance, grace, and tradition.
OshKosh Floor Designs
Inlay by Oshkosh Floor Designs helps you create an enduring expression of your style. Exotic woods, dramatic stone, striking metals or tranquil colored glass are your palette. Designs that range from historical to contemporary are your motifs.
Owens Plank Floor
When it comes to your home, there's nothing that adds more character or is more inviting than a hardwood floor. Wood is a smart choice because of its unmatched natural beauty and carefree maintenance. Colonial Craft manufactures two distinctive brands of solidly engineered hardwood flooring: Plankfloor & Select Flooring.
WE Cork
Cork's many transformations have paralleled civilization's progress. From wine stoppers in ancient Rome to anti-vibration joints in a space shuttle's boosters cork's distinctive attributes have added to the quality of our lives.
In today's environment, quality and efficiency work hand in hand and are more critical than ever before. TreeSmart™ engineered hardwood flooring is hand selected and appearance graded for premium quality, less waste and a more uniform installation.
Innovation is a tradition at Kaindl: our product lines and collections for panels and floors have famously been a step ahead for many years. And they can be found wherever discerning design and high quality are at home.
Reward Hardwood Flooring
Reward Hardwood Flooring includes exceptional domestic and exotic species selected for their natural beauty and performance in flooring installations. Factory finishing imparts a new level of durability to your floor’s surface, which is not available in site-finished flooring.
The Garrison Collection
Having been in the hardwood flooring industry since the 1950's, the manufacturers of The Garrison Collection have developed and refined their artistic abilities in coloring and hand crafting floors in a way that ties together every conceivable design and idea in today's market. Our selection is enormous, the quality unmatched, and the value is unbeatable.

At Robinson Lumber Company you will find people with the drive, experience, tradition and integrity to make you feel at ease when buying lumber, flooring and other wood products from around the world.
We are experts in the wood business, building a strong reputation for manufacturing quality Appalachian lumber and unfinished flooring for many years prior to entering into the manufacture of prefinished flooring. From the outset, we made a major commitment to produce the finest quality prefinished flooring—from our investment in machinery, materials, and processes, to the recruiting and hiring of skilled employees

Zanella Floors of Wood
Our artisans hand craft each individual piece of wood to bring out its own inherent personality and the impression of age. From the remarkable surface preparation to artfully pillowed edges and ends, each of our floors is antiqued entirely by hand. It is this exceptional attention to detail that makes each Zanella hardwood floor a treasure of natural beauty.


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